Step-by-Step to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile and into a New League | by LinkedIn for Business Expert Cécile Jemmett

Tailored to Coaches, Consultants & Service Providers

Cécile provides an easily to follow step-by-step guide perfect for anyone wanting to develop their business using LinkedIn. Thecourse is thorough and actionable. And, the best part is that she is very accessible and supportive. Thank you Cécile!

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LinkedIn Expert and Trainer Cécile Jemmett

Are you looking for...

...more leads, more influence, more speaking engagements or more appointments?

Are you holding back, though, because your profile isn't up to scratch or because you know it isn't an attractive and strong representation of your brand and business?

Then you can change that today! :)

That’s what happened to me.

Cold calling misery? Been there. Feast or famine sales rollercoaster? Been on that, too. I started my itty bitty freelance business in 2015 and took it from ZERO CLIENTS to being overbooked - with LinkedIn. 

I now help other business owners and sales professionals that hate marketing and sales achieve the same, without spending all their time and money on marketing their business.

A successful LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy always starts with a compelling profile. 

Do you have what it takes to enter a NEW LEAGUE?!

Solid Foundation

Perfect Prospect Avatar Assessment

Systematic Method

No copywriting experience required

Access 24/7

LinkedIn sales navigator

What can this course do for you?

This course is a step-by-step system for crafting an effective LinkedIn Profile fit for business and incoming enquiries.

A robust LinkedIn Profile gives you the RIGHT visibility, credibility online and captures the attention of your dream clients. Clients, that appreciate your expertise, that energise you, that you can make a real impact on and that you truly enjoy working with.

Course overview

Module 1

Settings & SEO

Module 2

Perfect Prospect Avatar

Module 3

Profile Transformation

Is it for me?

This course will work in most industries. It is, however, particularly tailored for coaches, consultants, service providers and sales professionals. You will get the most benefit out of this course if...

  • your ideal clients are on LinkedIn.
  • you need more clarity on your target market and on how to effectively speak to it.
  • you want your prospects to be able to find you easily on LinkedIn.
  • you want to stand out from your competitors.
  • you want a LinkedIn Profile that is a strong representation of your brand.
  • you want a LinkedIn Profile that is a winning first impression of you and your business.
  • if you want to raise your KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor.
  • you want to take your LinkedIn game to the next level. AND
how to use linkedin

Are you a coach, a consultant or a service provider... 

  • INTIMIDATED by LinkedIn?
  • EMBARRASSED by your profile?
  • EXPERIENCING FOMO - you know of the potential of LinkedIn but don't know where to start?


Dress to impress. Learn what it takes to elevate your underperforming LinkedIn Profile into a NEW LEAGUE. 
A league where it...

➫ is easy to be found (SEO)
➫ stands out from your competitors’ 
➫ speaks to your target audience
➫ raises your KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor 

Based on an in-depth target audience analysis, we craft your strategic LinkedIn Profile that speaks effectively to your ideal clients in your unique voice. 

Let’s get your profile ready for incoming enquiries! 

I've got you covered


Get found easily with a keyword optimised LinkedIn Profile


Define and effectively speak to your Perfect Prospect Avatar.


Elevate your online Know, Like & Trust Factor

Why LinkedIn?

It's where your prospects are
+600 members, growing by two new business-minded members per second! If you are a business, selling high-ticket services, you won't find your audience on Facebook.


Nowhere is it so simple to find and connect with your exact target audience and their decision makers!

Limited options

Although Google Ads work, they come at a high cost.

Vorsprung LinkedIn

Those decision makers change roles every year, and you are right there to see it and take first-mover advantage. 


LinkedIn has a strong web authority and can become a crucial traffic generator for your website!

Low cost
No ad spend required to generate leads. 

What you will achieve


Dress to impress - Learn what it takes to kick your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a NEW LEAGUE. 


Craft your strategic LinkedIn Profile that speaks effectively to your ideal clients in your unique voice. 


Have a profile that represents you and your business 24/7 around the clock and the world on your behalf.


Implement an easy to follow and executable system of crafting compelling words that speak to your perfect prospects. - NO COPYWRITING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

linkedin training

Meet me. Cécile.


Sales Success
Generated over 1.5M$ in revenue selling financial data at Trads, a prestigious brokerage firm in London.


Worked closely with international sales & marketing strategist, speaker and influencer Udo Hamm.

1st Class Trainer

Spent almost four years at Reuters, training hundreds of bankers and financial industry professionals on how to leverage Reuters’ information systems for their trading.


Created #LeadingWithLinkedIn to help service providers turn their LinkedIn profiles into lead generation engines - for more sales, more time freedom and brand authority.

Thanks to her straightforward way of explaining things and easy to implement tips, I got exactly the results I was looking for from LinkedIn. Cécile knows what she’s talking about, is a great trainer, lovely at it and genuinely wants to help.

Annie Phillips

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Here's what you are going to get

Lifetime access to the Course

On-demand learning




Access to Cécile


V.I.P. Status


Now it's your turn.

Take action today and reach out to your next prospect with confidence and see for yourself how powerful LinkedIn is for your business!

One Payment

  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • 6 weeks of email support

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30 days money back guarantee - please, see details in below FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

What support is there if I have questions?

Although you will be studying the LINKEDIN PROFILE ELEVATOR on a DIY basis you are definitely not alone here! If you get stuck or have any questions, you get email support within 24 hours directly from me.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you have enrolled on the course by paying the one-time fee, you will not only have lifetime access to all lessons and resources but also to all future updates. 

So, whenever I make adjustments to the course - either due to changes to LinkedIn or due to improvements to my system - you will have instant access in your account.

Please note, however, that I sometimes run special deals that may have a limited access duration.

Will I have to factor in any additional costs once I have enrolled in the course?

No, unless... The tools I recommend are all free at the time of the recordings. If you decide, however, that you need to take new, professional headshots or if you choose to get help from me, or another service provider, i.e. a graphic designer then you may want to factor that in.

How long will it take to see results?

As soon as you take action! In the introductory module of the course, I  walk you though how exactly to use the course and how to get most out of it. Simply surrender to the process and within only a few days your LinkedIn Profile will be transformed. 

What if I don’t like the course?

I am confident that you will love this course and see results once you implement my system. 

Again, I am here for you if you need support. 

I am completely new to LinkedIn, will I still be able to follow the course?

Absolutely! Whenever I teach about certain areas within LinkedIn, you’ll be able to view my screen so that you can follow my moves step-by-step. 

If you do get stuck, and there is no such thing as a stupid question - simply get in touch with me.