About me. Cécile.

Originally from a quaint rural village in cow-bells-ringing Switzerland (near Lake Constance), I now live and run my LinkedIn consulting business from the very beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells in the Garden of England (Kent, UK).

Prior to establishing my business, I spent the best part of two decades working in various sales, marketing and service related roles (within diverse organisations, including global players such as General Motors, KPMG, Thomson Reuters and Tradition Brokers), with the last 7-ish years in the financial/brokerage industry. I loved what I was doing – and every now and then I really do miss the noise and energy of the trading floor – but I also always wanted to do my own thing, running those extra miles for myself rather than someone else.

Settling down and starting a family has certainly given me that needed focus and confidence to make it work. I have always been a hands-on, getting things done, exceeding targets kind of girl that thrives on helping others. However, when I made the transition from the corporate world to being a small business owner, the learning curve was steep to say the least…

After just about surviving my first year in business, the second year was where it really took off. The challenge was suddenly not finding clients but scaling my business to effectively service them. I think it’s fair to say that cracking LinkedIn for lead generation has completely changed my business, It has saved me so much time that I was able to re-invest it straight back into developing my business and most importantly my family.

You can understand how I have become such a fan and am now an advocate of LinkedIn. I feel so fortunate that I am now able to help other business owners overcome those social selling frustrations and achieve the same success with more leads, more clients, more revenue and subsequently more choices.

I would be delighted to get the opportunity to teach you exactly how my LinkedIn lead generation strategy works. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn.